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Play figures
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Piratenspel kapitein koog

A fantastic game with 53 pieces to train concentration and motor activity. 2 – 6 players should find..


Airport with Accessories

Flight 108 is on final approach to the small foot world international airport! This gigantic aviatio..


Auto Shop with Petrol Station

Here, it's all about service with a smile! Aspiring young auto mechanics will definitely get their m..


elin Toys - Castle with play figures

Includes 2 Bottom Board 1 Castle 1 King 3 Soldiers 1 Horse 4 Flags 1 Ladder..


Farm with Accessories

Exciting life in the country! With this farm from our small foot world playworld, kids can pretend a..


Firefighter Station with Accessories

Sound the alarm! We've got a call! This fire station from our small foot world playworlds is sure to..


Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark In rows of two the animals, Noah and wife walk into the Arc. The detachable house makes p..


Pirate Ship "Jack"

Attention all buccaneers! Here is the new floating pirate place of activity! This pirate ship is app..


Police Station with Accessories

There's really something happening here! Action is guaranteed in this police station from our small ..


Big Farm House

Roof openable, double doors at front and back in multiplex birchwood...


Playhouse Animal Hospital with Accessories

Sometimes even animals have to go to the hospital! Here, they all will be nursed back to health by v..


Playhouse Hair Salon with Accessories

One haircut and blow-dry, please! In this salon, style makeovers take place every day - long hairsty..


Playhouse Hospital with Accessories

Got a busted knee and a bump on the head? In this hospital made of robust wood, all patients young a..


Playhouse Ice Cream Shop with Accessories

Stracciatella or creamy cherry? In addition to ice cream, there are also delicious cakes and little ..


Playhouse Restaurant with Accessories

Fast food or fine dining? In this restaurant, there's everything that young foodies will love. Here,..