STAX Hybrid

STAX Hybrid

STAX Hybrid is the newest addition to the STAX Family.

It combines Light STAX, Sound STAX, Connector STAX and regular bricks in play sets with a lot of value for money. STAX Hybrid consists of 5 themes:

  1. Animals with light up eyes and real animal sounds.
  2. Vehicles with front and rear lights, cabin lights and (for emergency vehicles) flashing lights. Combined with motor sound or sirens.
  3. Buildings and landmarks that light up.
  4. Creatures with light up eyes and fascinating sounds.
  5. Accessories like a light up spinner and keychain that can be fully custom
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Flashing Police Car

Move your STAX Police Car (LS-H12101) and it will light up, while the siren sounds. Invent your own ..


Snapping Crocodile

Move your STAX crocodile (LS-H11101) and its eyes will light up, while its snapping sound can be hea..